Learn - Verified Web Developer Program: Part 2

As you can see, my application has been submitted! This part was pretty painless, and it included:

  • Filling out personal details. 
  • Writing a 200-word essay about yourself and past experiences. 
  • Recording a 2-minute video on why you want to be a developer. "Be yourself"
  • Linking your Linkedin account. 
  • Skype Interview (see updates below)

The hardest part was probably recording my video. Even though I'm pretty used to talking to a camera from my Youtube channel, it took me three times to end up with something I was somewhat happy with. Unlike youtube, you don't have the luxury of editing out the unwanted bits but you can re-record. It's sort of like recording a voicemail message - you know what you want to say but for some reason it feels awkward and you suddenly start to stutter... or does that just happen to me? 

It says that I'll "hear back" from them within the next 48 hours... hopefully with a decision? I am super curious on what their criteria is for acceptance. Whatever it is, hopefully my wits and charm win them over, heh. 

If you missed my previous post, click here to read about Part 1, qualifying for the program. 

Update #1: I've heard back from them about proceeding to the next round. I suppose that's better than hearing back with a rejection? I received an e-mail inviting me to a Skype interview. Down side is that they have limited availability for times. Mine will be tomorrow morning at 6:10 AM! Woot! Rise and shine baby! It stated that this won't be a technical interview, but more of a chit-chat to get to know each other better. In particular, I will be meeting with one of the founders of the program as a requirement for prospective qualifying students.

Hopefully this will be the last loop I'll have to jump through. I'm ready to get going already! As always, I'll be in touch with how it all goes! Send me some good ju ju if you have any!

Update #2: The interview was exactly what they said it would be, a casual chat/get to know each other session. He asked me questions about my past and interests, and I had the opportunity to ask him questions as well. I interviewed with Adam Enbar, who said I should hear back with a decision by tomorrow. It was early, I was tired, and I didn't even have a cup of coffee. Hopefully my literal "I woke up like this" face wasn't too too scary!

Update #3: 2 days later I received my acceptance notification! #popschampagne My cohort starts on Nov 2nd and I've been assigned optional prework to do until then!