I could barely function today. 


Because today I had an interview and the anticipation of it was literally driving me crazy! This used to happen to me in college too, especially during finals week. I get so worked up with anxiety over "the test" that I have to pull out every coping skill I've got to calm down, which usually consists of bubble baths (extra bubbles puh-lease) and netflix, instead of using the last moments to cram like normal people do. 

Today's interview was for Dev Bootcamp, a full-stack program I have been eyeing for some time now. As luck would have it, a few months ago I found out they were adding a new chapter to their program, located in sunny San Diego (where I live... #score!) Previously I had considered the only other bootcamp in town called Learn, which would've been another great option since they are walking distance from my house! Also, I've made some wonderful personal connections with their co-founders (Hi Matt, Hi Rob!), and have also met several of their lovely graduates as well (who all had nice things to say). Learn also offers a mandatory 1-month internship as part of their curriculum which is extremely appealing for someone like me, who has absolutely no professional computer-related experiences. However, with the arrival of Dev Bootcamp, the real deciding factor for me is the fact that Dev Bootcamp has a shorter in-person-quit-my-job portion of the program: 9 versus 16 weeks + whoever knows how long it'll take me to find a job afterwards. The thought of quitting my job is scary as f*ck. I guess I'll be eating ramen from now on! Even though Dev is more expensive, they also offer scholarship opportunities which I will definitely be applying for. Now the only thing in my way is figuring out the logistics of a contract I have with my current job... meh. 

I will follow up this blogpost with an in-depth application/interview process for both Dev Bootcamp and Learn soon, in case you are interested in attending either or both. Until then, I've got some big decisions to make! (Yes, I've been accepted... to both!) **happy dance** But first, let's sleep on it!