Dev Bootcamp Interview

So you want to know what the Dev Bootcamp Interview is like? I don't blame ya! I was searching all over the internet for clues as well! For some reason, I found plenty of blog posts but none of them were DETAILED. They would gloss over what happened but not really spill the beans... WHYYYYYYYYY?! Will a spy from Dev come capture me at night for telling the details, and turn my bones into wind chimes? Or is there some unspoken DO NOT TELL rule that I didn't get the memo to? Will I get sued? Will I be unleashing bad karma into the world for sharing my experiences, and ruin the equal admissions playing field? To be honest... I'm kind of scared now! So here's the deal, I will be more detailed than others and tell you exactly what to prepare for, without giving away the screenshots I may or may not have taken, for the sake of all the possible scenarios above. Sorry! Oh, I bet you hate me now! However, do what I say and you'll be just fine! Trust me, I didn't ace the interview and actually thought I'd have to give it another go (...damn logic test!). But in less than 24-hours, I received the congratulations notice! I'm in! YASSSS!

The interview is 45 minutes long and is conducted via Skype. Of course, this is done after you apply and receive an e-mail telling you to complete Code Academy's Ruby lesson, (up to the refactor portion, lesson 9?), and watch their video on Emotional Intelligence. Whenever you feel prepared, follow their link to sign up for a time slot, which offers several options and time zones. You can easily cancel and reschedule your appointments as well; I had to do it once because I had some curve balls thrown at me whilst moving homes... no big deal. During my interview, I actually had an interviewer-in-training sit in and listen, which they kindly asked me for permission first. It was as if he wasn't even there... so that might happen too. Again, no big deal.

I had my interview with a lovely lady named Emily. She was super friendly and made me feel more at ease, even though I was crazy nervous! The interview started with typical questions. You may want to be prepared for the following:

- Why are you interested in programming? 

- Why are you interested in Dev Bootcamp, in particular?

- Tell me about yourself.

- What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this program/ What are your future goals?

- Tell me about a time you had to work in a team to accomplish a task?

- Tell me about something you are proud of.

- What are your thoughts on the Emotional Intelligence video?

+ Have a list of your own questions ready.

Then, DUHN DUH DA DUHH... the Logic Test! Take a deep breath! I sort of wish they saved this portion for the end of it because it really busted my confidence! I ran out of time and wasn't able to come to the correct answer (until after the fact, OF COURSE!), but THAT'S OKAY! Most of the time these logic tests aren't about whether or not you get the answer correct. If you do, GOLD STAR FOR YOU! But if you don't, IT'S OKAY. Just make sure you verbalize your thoughts and say what you are thinking. I KNOW, IT'S STRESSFUL! I tried to play it cool like it wasn't, but when she told me I was out of time and I only solved half of the puzzle, I felt super disappointed in myself. But again, no big deal, I still got in! Have a pencil and paper, listen carefully, take your time, and think out loud

As I said, I couldn't come to the correct answer during the interview and at the end of it all, when she asked if I had any more questions, I asked her to tell me the answer haha! But she wouldn't! She encouraged me to keep working on it and that the answer is out there on Google! I did as she said and worked through the logic test after the interview was over, and got it. DUH! I ALMOST had it! And she was also right that the test is out there for the world to see, hint hint. Though, it may be possible they use several different logic tests? 

The last portion of the test was the coding challenge, which you will get if you understood the lessons at Code Academy. They were basic, but to be honest, I didn't even get this portion 100% correct either... darn you silly mistakes! You will receive a link to follow so that you both can view what you are coding together. The first two questions were instructions, like build a method that outputs "Hello World" when you call it. (That wasn't the actual challenge, just an example, hint hint again!). While I was coding, and/or after I finished, I had to go line by line explaining what everything does, and what the end result would be. You can't use Google, notes, or irb, obviously! She provided code for the last bit of this test, which I had to explain what it would do. Then I had to refactor it! SO many hints up in here! You need to demonstrate how you can write and read/understand code, in particular Ruby!

At the very end, if you have a bit more time left you are able to ask more questions. Finally, say your thank yous and your good byes... you will get an admissions response within the next 24 hours! Take a load off, you deserve it! Relax, have a glass of wine, go to the cinema! Or anxiously check your e-mails every minute like I did! That's obviously way more fun! I received a response in about six - seven hours actually!... but who's counting? 

I really hope this helps; actually, I KNOW it will. You've got this! Good luck! You're welcome!