I'm not scared anymore.

I'm a huge believer in law of attraction. I don't really believe in coincidences as a result. I believe the universe looks after me, even though I may not get what I want. I realize I sound kind of kooky, but just hang in there with me!

So I've been accepted to Dev Bootcamp, which is basically the program of my dreams. I REALLY want to go, but I had a couple of hurdles in my way preventing me from putting down the $1,000 deposit. 

A little over a year ago I accepted my current position and moved from Baltimore to San Diego. I signed a relocation agreement stating that I'd have to repay $2,500 if I quit before Feb 22, 2016. UGH SHANA WHYYYYyy!! If I attend Dev, the in-person cohort starts on January 18th, literally weeks before my cutoff! ugh WHYYYYYyyy! I spoke with HR about my options, hoping they'd be willing to negotiate, but of course they aren't which freaking blows! So now I have to put my big girl pants on and decide if I really want to take out a loan for $12,700 + quit my job for who knows how long + survive on my 401k/savings AND REPAY a $2,500 relocation fee, for the possibility of a career change. (I'm already in debt!) You could easily suggest that I just wait for the next cohort, which will also give me more time to save up and avoid paying the relocation fee, however that'd still be $12,700 + quit my job for who knows how long + survive on my 401k/savings. Much better, but I'm still not convinced that I want to sign up for that! At least this road block forces me to not be impulsive, and to slow down and THINK. Remember that sign I spoke about, telling me to GO THIS WAY? Ya, well I think I'm staring at a stop sign now! 

So although I'm obviously super bummed about it all, like I said before, I don't believe in coincidences. This is not a mistake, nor is it bad timing. I am accepting this as a sign! Shana, listen!

Keeping that in mind, whilst tweeting around yesterday, I stumbled upon a new program offered by the FlatIron School! It's full stack and 100% remote! To be honest, I actually hate that I'm considering a remote program; that's one of the reasons Dev Bootcamp and Learn appealed to me so much. I want to interact with real people, work on a real team, and pair program IN REAL LIFE! However, what they are offering is kind of too sweet to ignore!

Ironically, this school is also called Learn! Some highlights include: GUARANTEED job placement within 6 months or your money back, I wouldn't have to quit my job, it's self-paced (but the longer you take the more expensive it'll be), it's $1,000 per month (I wouldn't have to take out a loan and survive on my savings, only eating lettuce and Ramen) AND did I say they guarantee a job?!! The Flatiron School is also well-known, and I've met graduates from the program who are now working as software engineers too!  

Discovering this program is NOT a coincidence! The universe (some call it God) is looking out for me. I guess I'll stop babbling and get this application started then!