RubyConf Day#3

It's been three days since Rubyconf ended and I am just now getting around to my recap of day#3. Hopefully I remember all the things! 

Talks I attended:

  • Keynote: "Bikeshed Live!" by Evan Phoenix and Adam Keys - This was a fun and light-hearted session of live pair-programming amongst three people, however only two could code at a time. The third person had to be tagged in, switching seats with one of the other two programmers. It was set up as if we were watching a sporting event, live with hilarious commentary. An award of various cat cups was given to the MVP at the end. Although this seemed super silly, I enjoyed watching pair-programming since I have very little experience with it. 
  • "Hardware Hacking: You can be a Maker" by Christopher Sexton and Leah Sexton. I loved watching the relationship between this father and daughter duo. Leah is only 9 years old! It was impressive to see her talk about the machines she's made, with the help of her dad. This even included a semi-live demo on how to use a soldering iron tool! If you're interested in building hardware, their advice is to start small and to not give up. It won't be easy but that's what makes it fun! 
  • I skipped the next session for a lunch date with my guide, Jay McGarven, along the River Walk. 


  • "Shall We Play a Game?" by Randy Coulman - Randy spoke about building a game called Ricohet Robots. He discussed the various algorithm patterns and challenges he faced, as well as how they were solved. If you happen to be in or near southern Oregon, the company he works for offers a 3-month paid apprenticeship program for jr. developers! Even though I'm not near Oregon, I'm tempted to apply! If I get it, I can figure out the details later right?
  • "Tagging Your World with RFID" by Adam Walker - I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this talk! I never knew that RFID tags were so interesting! I've heard of them before, being used for inventory purposes, but Adam took RFID tags to another level! He installed a scanner in his closet and tagged his clothes so that different types of music will play depending on what he puts on. For example, when he put on a blazer, the theme song to James Bond started playing. He even RFID tagged his dog so that she sends him live tweets about her whereabouts throughout his home! So cool :) He also created a grocery-list app, that would automatically build your shopping list based on what has been tossed in the "smart" trash can. Can I add that to my Christmas list please? 
  • Keynote and Q&A: MATZ! - I am really glad that I got to see Matz speak. I was going to leave early but my flight got delayed! This is probably the only time I've been happy about a delayed flight! Matz spoke about the future of Ruby and there are so many exciting things to come, like Ruby 2.3 (expected release date 12/15/2015!) and Ruby 3x3 (hopeful release date by 2020)! Ruby 2.3 will perform better/faster, and there will be added helpful features and operators. One of my favorites is the "&.", called "the lonely operator" because "it looks like a little boy sitting, staring at a dot on the floor." Hilarious! Too bad I can't remember what he said it does though! Ruby 2.3 will also come with a gem called "Did-you-mean?" which will be like a built-in spell checker. It will highlight what it expects is a typo and ask you if you meant to type something it will suggest. The goal of Ruby 3x3 is to be three times faster than Ruby 2.0! Matz also spoke about the importance of community and open source, making it clear that Ruby is no longer his language; it's a community effort instead. For more, take a peek at #rubyconf on Twitter because soon afterwards I learned that SO many people were live tweeting his quotes/takeaways during his presentation! Initially I thought tweeting during a talk would be considered rude but it's actually quite the opposite apparently! Next time I'll have to give it a go! 

The next RubyConf will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, November 10-12th, 2016! Maybe I'll see you there?

Thank you so much for reading! Although my Rubyconf recap series is officially over, I would still like to blog about the Opportunity Scholar Program so stay tuned for that! I would also like to write a post of Brit's lightning talk, "Go Get a Damn Job: Tips for Junior Developers" in combination with Chris Mar's presentation, "The Art of Ruby Technical Interviews", to condense some amazing advice I've gathered about the job-seeking process!