Girl Develop It

Good morning! 

I am in an especially chipper mood this morning as the scholarship recipients have been chosen for the Girl Develop It (GDI) SD chapter. Guess what, I'm one of them! I am very excited about it and can't wait to connect with other women of similar interests in my town! This is going to be SO much fun! 

Thank you to Girl Develop It, a non-profit org that introduces women to the world of tech via affordable classes, and to its sponsor, Qualcomm!  

As a recipient, I am able to attend all of their SD classes for free, for the next six months, which will allow me to complete their Front End Development course. The first class is on Jan 19th: Intro to Web Concepts. Throughout the course, we'll be covering HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Command Line, Git and Github. I may already be familiar with the basics of a few of these topics but more time spent on them will never hurt. I'll be sure to blog about it all! 

If you're interested in attending, join the meetup group. The class is $30 on its own. If you aren't around San Diego, check the GDI website for your closest chapter!

You guyysssss... I'm just so happy right now. I wish I could push the fast-forward button because I just can't wait to see what's to come. For now, I'll keep my nose in these books and keep chugging along.