I almost lost my job, again...

On Friday, I was in fear of losing my job. In the past two years that I've worked for my company, there have been three occasions where I literally thought I was going to get laid off. Our positions are heavily dependent upon our clients and the work they provide for us, so if they cancel projects, or if a perfectly functioning project comes to completion, there are layoffs. 

For some reason I am fortunate enough to keep dodging the bullets. It's probably because I am no one of significance and my salary isn't very costly. Honestly though, I really don't care why they keep me around. I am grateful for it. 

Besides the obvious financial reasons, what scares me the most about losing my job is that even though I have a degree, I am not qualified to use it without higher education in psychology, which I am not even interested in pursuing anymore. If I knew then what I know now, my college experience would've been totally different! So I've floated my way through the years in various admin and customer service positions. I've even worked as a janitor at one point, for a military dining facility. I've worked in bakeries, hotels, and even as a bus driver. I want my next move to be one with intention and meaning. I don't just want another job, I want a career. I want to be a web developer and use these digital skills to make the world a better place. 

I don't regret any of my past jobs or decisions because each one has taught me the lessons I needed to become the person I am today, and to set me up for the person I will become tomorrow. Although these way-too-frequent layoffs are extremely stressful to say the least, I'm grateful because I use these moments as fuel to my fire!


Plot twist! Said layoffs are still not over; I may lose my job. The client in charge of my project has put our work on hold. If you know of any jr developer positions and/or apprenticeships, I'm all ears! I'm an extremely hard worker, play along nicely with others, and am a passionate learner. I'll just conveniently leave my resume here.  Thank you!