Opportunity Scholar - RubyConf2015!

I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so excited!! WAHHHH! 

About 2 hours ago I received an e-mail congratulating me for being selected as one of Rubyconf's Opportunity Scholars! I'M GOING TO TEXAS BABY! San Antonio to be exact. I've never even been to Texas before! Yee-haw?

I don't have much to say at this point except that I am super thankful for the opportunity. I can't wait to share my experience with you, even though no one probably reads this blog. Ha! Whatevs... 

As an Opportunity Scholar, I'll have the opportunity to pair up with a guide who I will be spending most of my days with. Yasssssss! And I've already connected with other scholars who I'll be sharing a hotel room with! Double YASSSSS! They're from all over the states! It's neat to think that all of my life's decisions have led to this moment, in which our paths may have never crossed otherwise. How cool is life sometimes?

Anyways, back to my excitement, this moment feels amazing; I need to celebrate! All of my life, I've never really known what I to do with myself. Instead, I've tried making lemons into lemonade that always tasted a bit too much on the tart side. But, ever since I discovered the world of programming, opportunities keep unfolding before my feet. SWEET! It's as if I keep stumbling across those signs with the arrow pointing THIS WAY. It's impossible to ignore. Let's see where "this way" goes, shall we?