RailsGirls LA

I just submitted my package for RailsGirlsLA. I really hope I get to go but I am feeling less than optimistic because they announced that there are only 5 spots left! They made that announcement like 5 days ago! $#^@* That was totally my fault though because I'm in the middle of moving and kind of got distracted. #excuses The next workshop is on October 23rd and 24th, 2015; I'm not sure how frequently they do them but they have events all around the world! If you want to apply to the LA chapter, the application deadline is September 30th and it's a two step process. More on that in a bit! 

I found out about Rails Girls while attending Rails Camp. Let's take a shot for every time I type Rails. RAILS RAILS RAILS haha, heh. Whilst camping, I met girls who've previously mentored the workshop (Hi Jessica! Hi Stephanie!) and I also met girls who've attended it too (Hi Blithe!). It has come highly recommended especially because it's FREE, if you get accepted of course. What's also great is that they give priority to beginners... and to women! It's a two-day workshop where we get to work with coaches to build an application, using Ruby and Ruby on Rails of course. 

There is a two-step application process. The first bit is filling out a questionnaire that covers personal details and why you are interested in programming/Rails Girls. After that, you have to complete 4 tutorials, which they claim is necessary to get the most out of Rails Girls. This is the part that I dropped the ball on. Had I paid more attention to these requirements, I could've completed my application days ago mainly because I had already completed 3/4 of the tutorials on my own! All you have to do is provide a screen shot of your completion, and/or additional notes stating what you've learned:

Step 1 =  Complete Try Ruby and send over a screenshot. 

Step 2 = Complete Try Git and send over a list of commands you learned + screenshot. 

Step 3 = Complete The Terminal slide show and send over a list of commands you learned + a brief description about what they do. 

Step 4 = Complete Project 1: Build a Personal Website and send over a screenshot. This part is kind of cool because it also gives you a link to share with your friends! Mine is SUPER basic so don't be too critical! I just wanted to complete the challenge and get my application in on time! 

They recommend to work at your own pace and send them your confirmations as you complete them. "Do not wait to submit them all at once", however I kind of had to. Like I said before, from self-study I already feel pretty comfortable with Ruby, Git/Git hub, and my terminal, so those steps were a doozy for me. Also, I've completed Code School's and Code Academy's HTML and CSS courses, so I already feel comfortable with making websites too. However, I have never completed this particular course so that was basically the only step I had to do. #procrastinator 

I hope this helps you, if you're interested in applying! I'll update you on this post as to whether or not I get accepted! (update: I'm in!) I hope that I do and that you do too! See you there!

By the way, take a look at my pretty terminal, thanks to the help of my SkillCrush lessons! 

Oh, and are we still taking shots? RAILS!