Sinatra Assessment

So I've made it to the final Sinatra project with Learn Verified! I actually still need to do the final group project, which is to build a clone of Twitter, but I'd prefer to wait for Alex to catch up so we can pair program together in person. So I'm going to start on the solo project today: 


  1. Build a MVC Sinatra Application.
  2. Use ActiveRecord with Sinatra.
  3. Use Multiple Models.
  4. Use at least one has_many relationship
  5. Must have user accounts. The user that created the content should be the only person who can modify that content
  6. Models must have validations to ensure that bad data isn't created
  7. Any validation failures must be shown to user with an error message

At first glance this doesn't sound too too bad, but I have no idea what to create! hmmm....