Down But Not Out: My First Pre-Interview Job Experience

Hello there friends!

So I want to write about a recent experience but I can't give away all the details; I hope you understand. Just know that I had my first opportunity to complete a pre-interview code challenge for a job! 

Prior to this, I have had no experience with interviewing for tech jobs. I sort of have experience with weird logic questions as part of an interview, something to do with figuring out which ball was the heaviest, but it wasn't for a programming position. So you could only imagine my excitement over receiving an invitation to try out for a Ruby/JavaScript Developer job! 

Even though I am still enrolled in my program and learning more each and every day, I've been proactive in my job hunt, hoping to make a switch in my career in the very near future mainly because my current job is still on the rocks. I would be happy even if I could score a low-paying internship/apprenticeship in the tech field. A chance to learn on the job would be an invaluable opportunity for me. So knowing that I've started my job hunt a little early in relation to my technical skills, I sensed that this code challenge truly would be just that... a challenge. (I was right!)

Once I read over the challenges, initially I wondered if I should even try, knowing that these problems were above my skill level. I only know basic JavaScript from self-study; I'll learn more towards the end of the Learn curriculum. A good friend of mine encouraged me to give it a go anyways, treating this experience as a learning opportunity. So what if I get them wrong and don't get offered a position. The experience will better prepare me for the next time, and I could even hang on to these code challenges, giving it another go in a month or two to see how far I've come! 

I had a week to work my way through 8 challenges consisting of Ruby, Rails and JQuery. I took a mini break from my Sinatra project to jump ahead a bit in my curriculum to start learning more about Rails. Additionally I reached out to Google, and to some of programming friends for a tip or two. Unfortunately, I still couldn't figure it out. As my deadline approached, I realized that I still have a lot to learn. What a humbling experience! 

I am determined though. Yes, I already admitted defeat by alerting the company of my incapabilities, but I am still going to solve these problems whether the position will be available to me later or not.