Let's catch up!

Hi friends! 

I'm just popping in real quick more for me than for you to be honest. I have SO MUCH I want to blog about that I need to make a todo list so I don't forget to share everything with you. 

1) Tuesday and Wednesday I attended React.js training thanks to the generosity of Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson. This experience is definitely worthy of a lengthy review but until then, overall it left a positive impression on me even as a complete beginner to JavaScript. Even though the JS syntax is new to me, and so is the React.js framework, I was able to follow along with the concepts and am looking forward to using this tool in the future. 

2) Job - I've officially been laid off! If you know of any internships/apprenticeships/junior dev positions, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Ahhhh! By the way, my termination has nothing to do with my work performance. 

I haven't been seriously unemployed since I graduated from college. It took me about 6 months to find employment, which is how I ended up stuck in a personally unfulfilling career path for 6 years! This time I want to make sure that my next career opportunity is worthwhile (obviously as a developer), but I won't say no to working at Starbucks or something part/full time until then to make ends meet if I have to! 

3) RailsGirlsLA - I am going to volunteer as a mentor/coach for the next RailsGirlsLA, even though I'm totally scared to do so. I am learning Rails as we speak and I hope I can be a welcoming/positive influence to whoever my mentee will be. I hope I know enough and I hope I don't scare her away! I attended this event as a mentee in October so I'm happy to pay it forward... or I'll be trying to anyway. 

4) RailsCamp West 2016 - I'm officially a part of the planning committee for the next Rails Camp (spearheaded by the lovely Bobbilee Hartman), which was an experience that changed everything for me. I met some of the best people, formed lasting relationships, and had such a fun time doing something way out of my comfort zone (aka camping, aka the least experienced developer there). By the way, Rails Camp East is coming soon! It'll be in NY! I would like to go but seeing that I will no longer be receiving income, I won't be able to this year unless my circumstances change sooner rather than later. 

5) Startup Grind - Next Thursday I'll be attending a meetup hosting the founder of Geek Girl, Leslie Fishlock. I can't wait to meet her and I'll be sure to blog about that! Tickets are still available and the night before you can even dine with her if you want! Use promo code GEEKGIRL for 50% off! (which I totally didn't know about til now... you're welcome)

6) TODAY and tomorrow I'll be attending the next installment of GirlDevelopIt's Front End Development course, Intro to HTML/CSS. During this workshop we will be building a website. I'm so excited so off I go! Weeeeeee!