Qualcomm Internship Opportunity with GDISD!

FYI, GDISD = Girl Develop It San Diego

I have SUCH exciting news to share with you all! At today's GDISD workshop, an amazing opportunity presented itself and it literally made my day. I am so so so grateful for this organization!

Ok ok, I won't keep you in suspense. Actually, I'm sure my title already gave it away. I am excited to share that there will be a Qualcomm Internship opportunity for 3 recipients of the GDISD's scholarship program! So not only will you be able to attend all of the following classes FOR FREE, but you'll also have the chance to use the skills we learn on the job... and it's PAID! I wasn't aware of this perk when I initially applied!

Intermediate HTML/CSS 1; Saturday, March 5
Intermediate HTML/CSS 2; Sunday, March 6
Intro to Git & GitHub; Tuesday, March 15
Intro to JavaScript 1; Saturday, April 2
Intro to JavaScript 2; Sunday, April 3
Intro to jQuery; Monday, April 18
Intro to the Command Line; Monday, June 27

The internship will take place this summer, offering 20 to 40 hours of front end development projects per week! The application will open sometime in March, to the 10 scholarship recipients. I am so happy to report that I am one of them, and you could be too!

I know I wrote about the scholarship a while back and you're probably thinking that it's too late, but it's not! Two of the previous recipients declined their awards, which means that the scholarship application has reopened! I'm not sure when the application will close so do yourself a favor and apply now! The only stipulation as a recipient is that you must attend all of the front end development classes. 

This is such a huge deal and generous opportunity; I REALLY hope I'm selected for the internship, as I definitely will be applying. But even if I'm not one of the chosen ones, I am extremely thankful to Qualcomm and to Girl Develop It; I can't wait to give back to this organization. They are really doing such great things for not only the San Diego community, but for many communities across the country! I'm constantly singing their praises to anyone who'll listen. A few weeks ago I encouraged a close friend to see if a chapter was present near her; she lives in the Bay Area. As a result she attended her first HTML/CSS class with GDI and loved it! So if you are interested in tech at all, I encourage you to look for a GDI in your area. You can read about my first class/experience if you're interested. 

Anyway, I hope you're excited. Are you still reading this? Stop it! Go apply now! Sending you good vibes only! Good luck!