Rails App Updated with jQuery Front End

Hello! I know it has been a while since my last blog post. How naughty of me! 

A lot of learning has been going on recently in the form of Javascript, JQuery, APIs, JSON, and AJAX. JQuery Tic Tac Toe is no joke! I've also been learning Angular, but we'll talk about some other time. 

For my latest project, I had to extend the functionalities of my Rails app to include building an API, making calls to it, and using JQuery to update my page without refreshing it. I used a gem called Active Model Serializer to render JSON for my pins, and then was able to add dynamic features with the help of JQuery and AJAX requests. Initially I was super confused by what was being asked of me. I thought I needed to find a random API and incorporate it into my app. But thankfully the details were clarified and the rest was smooth sailing! To be honest, I had a lot of fun building this one, however I do have a bug that I still need to work out, as demonstrated in my walkthru: 

I am very close to crossing the finish line with Learn Verified! I just have the Angular section to complete, and then I THINK I'm done! I met with one of the career counselors on Monday and am really looking forward to working with her because finding a Jr. programming job on my own has been difficult! I'll be sure to share the details of my job hunt once that begins. I actually had my first "technical interview" ever today, but it was awful. No, I don't want to talk about it