Am I a unicorn?

Sometimes being Black feels awkward. 

While thus far everyone seems to be welcoming of me, and nice to me, during my programming journey, I can't help but to feel some type of way about being in a room full of people, as the only Black female there. The only Black person there actually. Sometimes even the only female there too. 

I wonder how the workplace will be. My experience is limited to tech meetups and events though. Thank goodness I've discovered GDI and POCinTech

Perhaps shame on me for "seeing color" and/or gender? Is this normal? Can I talk about this without being afraid? Where is the line defined for being honest and being politically correct? Should I dare cross it? 

The thing is, technology is our future. We all need to be a part of it. Diversity is important.

Sometimes I feel like a unicorn, but not in a good way. Although I'm proud of who I am and what I'm accomplishing; don't get me wrong. That's not going to stop me. I just wish that being a unicorn wasn't always so dang obvious.

I don't want to just talk about it though, and I definitely don't want to whine. I've got to figure this out, the Why's and the How's. I look forward to being part of the solution... somehow.