#QCIntern2016 Wrap Up

Seeing that my last day at Qualcomm is next Friday, August 26th, I suppose I should do a final recap of my time and experience here. This may or may not repeat topics from my initial #QCIntern2016 Q&A post

1) The number one question I get now is whether or not Qualcomm will be rolling me over to a full time position. Believe me, I was definitely fantasizing that they would, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) the universe has different plans for me. I interviewed for two positions during my time here. The first being an administrative role. I know you're probably wondering why I would consider that. The short answer is that I was about to be unemployed again, I could've probably done that role blindfolded (7 years worth of experience there), and it could've been a foot in the door at Qualcomm. All those reasons were logical, but after the interview I knew that I needed to stick to my ultimate goal of switching careers. I was invited to the final round but kindly declined it. The second role I interviewed for was Web Analyst. No, I wouldn't have been coding as much but that role still required one to be familiar with development and various technologies. They act as the middle communicator between the customers and developers, which I thought would've been the perfect compromise between my previous career as a Project Coordinator and my current interests in technology. But plot twist (stay tuned!)

2) If you want to be a developer, Chrome's dev tools should be your "bread and butter". Learning how to use them will literally add time back onto your life! I wouldn't be a chapter leader if I didn't plug Girl Develop It here. We have a workshop  coming up that'll teach you all about them! My mentor showed me several debugging tricks using these tools throughout this internship, which I will be forever grateful for. 

3) I spoke at the Women's Summit! It was only a 5 minute lightning talk but man was I nervous! Like many, the thought of speaking publicly rattles me to my core but it's something I would like to master, so I'm glad I accepted the challenge. I spoke about changing careers and it seemed to have been well-received. On a separate occasion, somehow I got talked into giving another talk (15-20 mins) at the Full Stack Talks meetup on September 8th! I plan to further develop this speech, giving advice to other career changers/wannabe devs. 

4) Qualcomm will be sponsoring me for the Grace Hopper Convention in October! That's hella exciting!

5) I attended many events, including: Tech Talks, Executive Talks, Workshops (like Android Development), Surf lessons, Women's Summit, QPAWS (therapy animals), luncheons, Lean In Circles, and probably more that's currently slipping my mind. 


6) I've completed about sixteen tickets during my time here. My favorite was probably the assignment where I had to add a clone feature to one of their applications. It was challenging but a good learning opportunity. 

7) I learned Java on the job. Majority of my work revolved around Java in some way. Some of the applications used Groovy and Grails, which is still Java based. People ask me if learning Java is hard but I didn't find it too challenging, especially when dealing with legacy code. For instance, my applications already had tons of code in them so I could easily replicate similar ideas/functionalities by looking at the existing code. I'm still confused by the many Java keywords but Google is great. This experience taught me that knowing one language makes it super easy to pick up others. It seems like they essentially all have the same basics, just different syntax. With that said, now I feel a bit rusty on my Ruby and Rails, so I plan to build a project or two to brush up. Thankfully I also used a lot of JavaScript at Qualcomm, so I'm good there. 

8) Companies call me now. Ever since putting Qualcomm on my resume, I actually get recruiters calling me back. I have been on at least 2 technical interviews per week for the past month. Before Qualcomm, no one bothered to give me a shot. 

9) I've made friends here. I've become closer with other GDI Interns and with the members of my team. I wish I could share some photos with you but I won't to respect their privacy. In particular, my mentor's girls are now just as obsessed with Pokemon Go as I am; probably even more actually! He sent me photos of them posing with Pikachu. And my boss's girls loved the Sprinkles cupcakes I brought in when the building lost power. I had actually purchased them as a thank you to my team, but by time I got back everyone but my boss had gone home! I gifted the cakes to him and received the sweetest photo of two little girls practically wearing the frosting. 

10) I'm so thankful for the opportunity to intern with Qualcomm. They've got some amazing innovations that continue to blow my mind, and I'll make sure my next phone has a SnapDragon chip in it! Ya! I can't believe I'm saying that (I LOVE my iPhone). I would highly encourage you to get involved with Girl Develop It to not miss any future opportunities to intern here. In addition, I'm so proud to be a part of a group that extends such opportunities to others, and I'm grateful for my co-leader, Courtney Lach, and previous GDI leader, Alanna Burke, whose work made this opportunity possible for me. I've got to do what I can to pay it forward!